Participate in the Great Lakes YEN Project

We thank you for your interest in the Great Lakes YEN program – please note that registration for the 2024 program is now closed. Details for the 2025 program will be posted in December 2024.

Farmers participating in the Great Lakes YEN will agree to collect soil, tissue, and grain samples at specific times throughout the duration of the project and send them to a lab in shipping boxes provided for analyses. Additionally, they are expected to:

  • Keep a record of all crop inputs, track crop growth stages, and enter field data by established deadlines.
  • Download software and/or an app and use it for data entry
  • Participate in the year-end meeting
  • Accept and arrange third-party verification of yield
A field of wheat
Please note that there is a $300 fee (paid in the currency of the participant’s home country) for each field registered in the program. For the 2024 program, Ontario participation is capped to 125 participants, therefore we encourage participants to register as soon as possible. There is no maximum participant capacity for the United States region.


Questions about the YEN program and registration? Reach out to:
Ontario – Alexandra Dacey (, 519 830-5633)
US – Jody Pollok-Newsom (, 517 490-0280)

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