Wheat field with an Ontario great lake in the background

Great Lakes YEN

The Great Lakes Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) is one of a global series of YENs that help local farmers better understand their yield potential and learn what is limiting that potential.  The goal of the YEN is to connect agricultural organizations, extension specialists, academics, agronomists, and farmers who are striving to improve crop returns by unlocking the potential of the field by closing the gap between potential yield and actual yield. The Great Lakes YEN is currently focused on winter wheat and covers the geographic area of the Province of Ontario, Canada, and the Great Lakes region of the USA.

Working together to build stronger farms through collaboration and increased knowledge of crop performance.

Why Get Involved?


Participating will give farmers better insight into their actual and potential yields by learning more about how their wheat crop grows and develops, and how yield is formed.


The information farmers will receive about their field(s) will offer insight and discussion points for factors that might be limiting their yield potential.


There is great opportunity to share and improve knowledge and datasets. Our hope is that it will help farmers to enhance their yield and work with their peers to bring greater benefit to their farms, their farming practices, and to their bottom line.


Its an opportunity for a farmer to have a field benchmarked and compared to their yield potential and other farmers.

Interested in participating? Applications are now open!

Great Lakes YEN Partners

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